While many people adorn their homes with picture frames, they may not realize just how many other special memories they can protect by framing them. Residential frames shouldn’t be utilized solely for artwork or photographs. You can use them to preserve all sorts of other mementos. Let’s take a look at some ideas here!

You Can Frame Letters

If you keep notes and letters in a box for safekeeping, you make them susceptible to moisture and other irritants. Why not stash one in a frame for protection? This can create a beautiful and sentimental keepsake that also doubles as decor.

You Can Frame Recipes

Most people keep their recipe books near the kitchen, and almost every family has a unique recipe passed down through generations. Why not frame and display it proudly in your home? It’d be even more special if you had a relative handwrite it. Residential framing should not be used purely for aesthetics. It should commemorate your history, too!

You Can Frame a Chalkboard

Chalkboards are a major design trend right now, but they can be costly. Why not try crafting your own? You can buy fiberboard or hardboard, paint it with chalkboard material, and then get it framed. This is a fun craft project that results in a convenient and functional piece of decor.

You Can Frame Other Kinds of Memories

Have you ever thought about framing a Christmas wreath or wedding bouquet? People are finding new ways to preserve the best moments in their life, and frames are a perfect option. According to Wayfair, a frame with UV glass can protect your keepsakes from dirt, dust, and even the effects of the sun.

You Can Hang Empty Frames

Frames by themselves are also great pieces of decoration. Many interior designers are utilizing empty frames to create a cool, conceptual look. This may be something you’d like to consider if you’re interested in a contemporary style for your home.

According to Wayfair, a frame with UV glass can protect your keepsakes from dirt, dust, and even the effects of the sun. Because of the protective properties of framing, it makes framing a reliable solution when you want to display an item while protecting it from wear and tear. Now that you know some of the fun and unconventional items you can frame, it’s time to brainstorm your ideas! Give Negrotto’s Frame+Art a call today to get started on a project with us! We’ll help you preserve your memories and beautify your home all at once.

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