When hanging art in your home, it’s important to also consider what picture framing you’ll choose to present it in. Picture framing offers a means to balance or emphasize the aesthetics of your artwork in the context of your home. According to Picture Frames Express, framing is important for protecting your works from dust and UV rays from the sun. To choose the right frame, you need to consider the period of the artwork, the color of the frame, and the protection you want for your art.

Know Your History

To choose the right frame, there has to be an understanding of the artwork’s context and history. Research the picture’s past and see if you can find out what sort of frames it’s been encased in before. A painting from the 18th Century may work better in a more intricate frame than one with modern and clean lines. If the picture came with a frame that fits it perfectly, but needs a touch-up, speak with a custom picture framing service about restoring the frame. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but knowing the historical context of a work can help bring it to life as it was meant to be.

Choosing Color

There are many ways you can go about choosing a color for your picture frame. You may pick a color within the picture or painting and use that to seamlessly integrate the two. It can be the picture’s most dominant or least noticeable color. If you have an especially complex piece, choosing a contrast color may be perfect for creating a dramatic effect that makes the picture stand out. On the other hand, you can let the picture speak for itself and choose a neutral color. These frames are clean and timeless, and a perfect option if you can’t make up your mind.


Finally, consider the protection a frame can give a painting or picture. The glass that encapsulates your work can do a lot depending on how much security you desire. A picture framing professional can create a microclimate in the frame to protect it from humidity and light. UV glazes can be used if the room the work is going into lets in a lot of sunlight. This will protect your picture from damage and keep it looking beautiful for a long time.

You need a perfect blend of form and function when choosing your picture frame. Modern picture framing services can provide you with beautiful frames that bring the best out of the art you are hanging. Additionally, frames can protect your paintings from damage, allowing you to keep something you will be able to pass down from generation to generation. Speak with the custom framing professionals at Negrotto’s Frames and Art for more information on framing services and art for your home.

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