EmmittLGMy career has been built on the sale of my original paintings. I do not make prints of everything. The few prints that have been made have been for charitable organizations or gallery promotions. Only two were made in limited edition for sale to the public (this does not include the two years I was chosen to produce the State of Mississippi Duck Stamp Print). I have always believed that reproductions are strictly a commercial item and have no real artistic value. Reproductions and prints are often confused by the public and with today’s technology it is hard to tell the difference. A reproduction is a copy made from the original by another person – the Artist has no hand in the production. A print is an image produced by the Artist’s own hand, usually in small numbers, such as an etching, silk screen, lithograph, or other means. Each print may be slightly different.
I was born on a farm west of Brookhaven, Mississippi, in Lincoln County, seventy-three years ago. I am married to my wife Linda for forty eight years and have two children and two grandchildren.
-Emmitt Thames

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