Alex North

alexnorthI am Alex North, a native of the Gulf Coast and an avid outdoorsman, gardener and photographer.

As a photographer my main subject matter is our God given natural surroundings and the wildlife which call it home. I try to capture things you don’t see, be it a stunning sunrise, Osprey fishing, or a bloom opening. My goal is to capture it as it happens and share it with you through photography.

Technically I do minimal post processing of photos. I view my camera as a tool, use the tool correctly and you won’t have much post processing to do. Don’t get me wrong, I take thousands of photos to get a few. My formal training is Computer Science which helps immensely in today’s digital world;

Lastly, and probably why I shy away from post processing, I am colorblind. I better get the photo right because you surely don’t want your sunrise photo’s to have purple skies which I have been told does not happen. If you feel that one of my prints is worthy of purchasing, thank you!!! I’ll be one step closer to doing this full time.